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Influenza found in Chemtrails

    John Stadmiller of the Genesis Radio Network reported on the Saturday, Dec. 6 edition of "Real Talk Radio" that influenza strains have been found in chemtrails sprayed over the Tampa Bay area.

    The analysis was done by a microbiologist with a phat WTO grant who wishes to remain anonymous, what with all the dead microbiologists and everything.

    Listen to the report: fluchem.mp3 .

    Stadmiller also has pictures of a recent aerosol operation over Austin, Texas on his new, albeit under construcion, website:

    See also: Congressman warns flu vaccine causes neurological damage 



Reading the following could result in saving millions of unsuspecting human lives


Feature Article

~An Environmental Impact Overview~

By Dr. R. Michael Castle





    I have written previously about Chemtrails, the creation of multiple chemical spray patterns at high altitude as part of a secret government project. Most of it is occurring in the US and Canada, but some has occurred in the Middle East during the recent Gulf War. These spray patterns are visible from weather satellites, although the government now has software to erase the patterns from satellite images. The spraying of the chemicals is accomplished by specially modified tanker aircraft operated by the military and/or by secret elements of the federal government not yet revealed. The government and the FAA deny the existence of Chemtrails, but photographic proof exists that spraying does happen and that the government is lying.

        No one, however, has proven satisfactorily to me exactly what the purpose is, and there are many theories: weather modification, radar interference experiments, creating electromagnetic reflectors for HAARP emissions, broad spectrum immunizations, broad spectrum poisoning of the population, etc, etc. As long as the FAA refuses to allow any critic of the program to launch a chase plane and take samples of the spraying while it is happening, we probably won’t have proof positive of the exact chemical composition of the spray material, which undoubtedly varies from time to time. Some have made attempts to take chemical samples of the material once it reaches the ground, but this is difficult to do with precision since the aerial spray can drift for miles and be diluted after being released at high altitudes. It appears that the government changes the composition of the spray either because they are still experimenting or because they want different results at different times.

    I have personally witnessed only one spraying operation, with one of the planes actually spraying, which I have written about before. The chemicals delivered from tanker trucks with Shamrock logos on their side, no other markings.  I keep getting emails from people claiming to see more chemtrailing. But since it is so difficult to tell the difference between a real jet engine contrail (condensation trail, made from ice crystals) and a Chemtrail, I offer the following crucial observation criteria.

    First, you cannot identify a trail as a Chemtrail only because it persists for a long time. Contrails, depending on the altitude, humidity and temperature, can persist for many hours (6+). Neither can you say it is a Chemtrail because it spreads out. While Chemtrails always persist and spread, contrails can do so as well.

    Second, you cannot identify Chemtrails from the quantity of trails, or sky coverage, or the direction of origin. While true Chemtrailing does involve multiple passes, sometimes in visible patterns, contrails can produce the same effect, particularly in the region of a major jet route or intersection in the sky. Flight Explorer ( has software you can buy that tracks all non-military aircraft flight plans. This can allow you to easily compare possible Chemtrail sightings with civilian airline traffic at that time and place. If there is no correlation, you know the trails were not produced by civilian aircraft, although that still doesn’t prove they were Chemtrails. There is also military training that occurs away from jet routes to consider.

    You can sometimes notice a color difference between Chemtrails and contrails. Chemtrails sometimes (not always) have an oily appearance which gives off a rainbow of colors. However, contrails under certain lighting can refract light into a rainbow-like spectrum as well, albeit more feint and less pronounced than Chemtrails. It takes so much care to distinguish the difference that most people will not be accurate in making this determination.

    What you can count on as conclusive observation evidence requires high powered binoculars or a spotting scope. If you want to become a Chemtrail watcher, keep either of these handy at home and in the car. The best proof of Chemtrailing is to observe the plane (which is always at high altitude) with your binoculars or scope. If the white trail is coming from the engines, it is most likely not a Chemtrail. The military could locate chemical spray nozzles near an engine pylon, but so far real Chemtrailers have nozzles placed at intervals along the wing or tail surface, not at the engines. So, if you see a two engine jet putting out four, six or eight streams of exhaust, you are watching a Chemtrail operation. Keep handy a camera or VCR with a telephoto lens to document your find.

    The website with the best photos of actual Chemtrail aircraft plus indications of the chemical composition of the spray is Scroll down toward the bottom to see dramatic photos of "megasprayers" as well as the other telltale sign of chemtrailing: occasional sudden short interruptions of the spray pattern. Interrupted contrail patterns can only occur during gradual descent through a temperature layer, or when flying at a temperature or other air mass boundary (i.e.: as a plane might fly through a bubble of warm air on the rise). But true contrail interruptions will not look like the picture of the abrupt stop and start of the contrail at the website. That can’t happen in nature.  It is important to study the Carnicom pictures and follow these criteria for identifying actual Chemtrails so that your observations don’t contribute to the ease at which the mainstream media can easily discredit your inquiries or charges.


Whistle Blower on Chemtrails Activities Dies under Mysterious circumstances

- spraying in our sky



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Spot Light 

' Letter from a Friend '

 This may be one of the most important letters you ever read....about WHY there is a Global Program in place that is employing the spraying ...It's worse than you thought.

Peanut Butter & Barium Sandwiches

  Why the weird weather patterns?

  Why the dying off of plant and animal life?

What is in this stuff?

OK You've read all this and still don't believe this is happening... YOU THINK WE'RE JUST RADICAL ACTIVISTS... I suppose if the Government had documents you could read about the "Chemtrails Scenario you might start accepting WE HAVE A PROBLEM !


What about the U.S Department of Energy for Starters 


UPDATE July 2004

Chemtrails no longer just some wild Conspiracy Theory

        The story of Chemtrails and all that is involved, is not paranoid conspiracy theory stuff.  It is very real and very scary. If it was just myself posting the information you could say well he's just paranoid.. I may have been one of the original people to become aware of strange things over my head, and birds falling out of the sky, and trees dying from fungus, and strange lichen like fungus growing on rocks, tractors, roofs in full sunlight.  The sudden disappearance of birds, insects along with strange blights on vegetables and plants in our garden but I am not alone any longer.  There have been physical attacks on people working with our team that have been documented, and the evidence is on film, just incase you think I might be a bit crazy... so read on, or ignore the facts, it is you and your children that are suffering from the effects of this " Black Ops Project."

The above web site has been removed from the web. ( Big Brother is watching)

 the Idaho Observer




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MILITARY SKIES -- U.S. Military Wants to Own the Weather



Start you own research project... The more of us that are aware keep the rest of the sleeping gods awake as to what is really going on.  It takes many hands working together to effect change.


 Sky- Links

Everything you wanted to ask but were afraid to know.






LOOK UP ABOVE - Huge Informative Website


Tim Edwards’ site incorporating the former ‘Chemtrail Information Webring’: DreamScape News:


Mark Steadhams’ in-depth report based on observations in Houston, Texas, is included on this excellent site:    CHEMTRAIL CENTRAL



Lorie Kramer - an open forum with direct observation postings from thousands across the country: Chemtrail Tracking USA:



Kim Weber and a grassroots group dedicated to halting the aerial spraying of America: C.A.C.T.U.S. (Citizens Against Chemtrails U.S.):  


Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025


Earth's atmosphere provides a platform for the latest technologies of warfare, weather control, and control of populations through "non-lethal" electromagnetic and chemical means.




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GENERAL information:



Dr MIchael Castle Is a Certified Environmental Risk Auditor, professional industrial chemist and environmental engineer with substantial field experrience, based in Dayton, Ohio and he is part of the ‘Original’ USA Chemtrails investigation team. If you have technical questions or information contact:



Aerial Spraying, Scattering and Chaff Operations (“chemtrails”),  recommended sites:

George Holden: Citizens Against Aerial Chaff America (CAACA), Chaff Operations Report (COR):


Clifford Carnicom’s site has a wealth of images, documents and more links by this energetic reporter:

Chemtrail  Crimes and Cover-ups Documented





Please start exploring the following sites at your own pace and get informed!

It’s a matter of Life and Death!



And just in case you thought this phenomenon was limited to North America, here’s an amazing site which documents aerial operations over the Croatian town of Rijeka: Deep Space 4:



Edward Teller’s “Sun Screen” document: Global Warming and Ice Ages: 1 Prospects for Physical-Based Modulation of Global Change, E Teller August 15, 1997, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as PDF:



Who Built the H-Bomb? Debate Reviews by William J. Broad, New York Times (April 24,2001) archived at:




Search for more patents:




Chemtrails - Planetary Emergencies (



Research and toxicity:

Material Safety Data Sheet:


Mr. Yuk at the National Capital Poison Center : it just for the sound effects)


EPA ozone and particulate matter standards:

EPA list of hazardous air pollutants:

Environment Canada:  " title="



Lung Cancer, Cardiopulmonary Mortality, and Long-term Exposure to Fine Particulate Air Pollution, C. Arden et al., Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 287, No. 9 (March 6, 2002):



Pollution drying up rainfall by Michael Smith, United Press International,

Science News (February 17, 2002):


Farmers and forecasters fear drought problems looming across Canada, Canadian Press, (February 24, 2002) on Yahoo News:


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - Drought Watch on the Prairies:


National Drought Mitigation Center (USA) with excellent maps showing drought impact:

USDA Drought Information Center:


UN warns of severe water shortages by 2025, Ananova (March 22, 2002):



Barium “specific heat” and drought inducement:



DYN-O-Gel full patent:'6315213'.WKU.&OS=PN/6315213&RS=PN/6315213



“Black Water”:  Divers find evidence of black water’s devastation by Cathy Zollo, Naples Daily News (April 1, 2002):






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